Today is exceptionally beautiful!

They say the most difficult thing in this world is Self-reflection, the moment when you can sit back and look back at your life with a calm and unbiased mind. If you can do this, then I believe you are braver than most of the people. Today, I had the chance to be a brave girl.

I always tell myself that my life is such a mess and full of the whimsical moments. I  can proudly shout out to the world that I am not that organized girl who can show up fucking on time like I always try to be, that I am just equally messy and capricious, that they would never understand that damn safety from a precarious moment. What’s more, I can’t stand being a boring girl and I cannot accept a tedious and monotonous life. There were times I lied crying all night thinking that maybe I was doing wrong and ruining my life by playing safe every time chances knocked on my door.  What does an interesting girl do? I don’t know. I would never know.

It has been November already. When I am afraid of the cold, the distance and the blatant white of snow, I find myself getting intrigued by those equally. And on such a sunny winter day, I came across those old photos that I took for the past six months, feeling a deep strike to my heart.

These pictures hold some secrets about my soul that I don’t even know. At least that’s what I believe.


Specular today


Light and transient

Let say the Confetti is my childhood and my personal mark, my hope and my once forgotten yet always stayed still.


Mesmerizing Sixteen


Obnoxious and stubborn

I may be intransigent sometimes and I may not listen to what mom says, but that’s because I would never stop fighting for what I believe is right.


Time froze

One of the things that I am so proud of myself is that I can see beauty even at the most unexpected moment. Does that count?



Well, most of my pictures are sky-captured and I will never get bored with this kind of art.


My Intoxicated Eyes

This was definitely the moment my mood went inexorably down…


Alluring dark

This picture was captured at Boston, can you believe that?



This amazing picture was taken on a pavement at Washington D.C and it describes exactly my light personality ( not to mention “buoyant” sometimes ).


Light and clear

Oh, I remember this picture. On a trip to one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, the Quan Lan Island, I was touched by the tranquil atmosphere in an antiquated temper so I took this moment of Phoenix flower in an attempt to steal a piece of serenity that can no longer be found in my city life.


My Humble dream

I call this picture “my humble dream” because I have always desired a simple and green life, an unperturbed life without disease affliction, money or power, for all of my friends and family. And for myself.


Some sort of ambivalence


Going Abroad

I miss this so much. I took this picture in the New York Central Park. What a miracle! Now I am working so hard to get a chance to come back to the U.S.A especially WDC as It has taught me what Love at first sight was.

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