I thought it would rain.

I woke up early this morning. When I appeared on the fourth floor to hang up the clothes, I saw something moving towards me. Then suddenly, it got weirder as I could sense in the atmosphere an acrid smell blown from the Residential Apartment and for a moment, I thought I was insane because I saw the sky became darker and darker as if time was turning back. I then found myself imagining a U.F.O fly to and take me away. Luckily, my imagination didn’t have a slight chance to go beyond the Acceptance Border. Instead, when the glorious moment disappeared, I was able to do nothing but to accept the harsh reality that there would be no Extra-terrestrial being comes to rescue me from this tedious life. 

I might not deserve a prince, but God, if you are listening to me, just send me an Alien.


Moody Five


Dot Dot


He is back

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