The Wednesday Miracle.

Wednesday is a very special day to me. On Wednesday I leave home at half past five p.m and come back home at ten, sometimes later, after leaving behind a 40-kilometer journey on the bus. It is definitely not an easy task but a very much exercise that requires persistence and determination. However, I never and will never ever regret having taken this challenging path, just like my grandmom has always said: Giving much means not receiving less. I know that what I have attained for the past 8 months could be more than just mere hours and minutes.

For 120 minutes on the way forth and back ( not to mention another 120 minutes spent inside the classroom ), lots of feelings have grown inside me and lots of memories will forever stay with me. So I decided to build an album containing some of the most self-attached pictures that I spontaneously took on the way to my Tutorial class. The pictures below would rather serve as a personal memory than something displaying in public, but I hope that if you happen to come across my blog, then you can find something for your own too.

I came across this tree so often that I almost forgot about its presence. Since I realized this, I was glad that I could witness one of its important phrases. Technically this is my very first-crossed tree.


Trees get naked

I think I have seen more than just one color in this fantastic picture, or it is just my illusion. But my love for it is definitely not a fantasy


Far away is ” Thap Rua”. It is funny that I have never tried to translate it into English though I have already known about the Historical meaning behind it.


The Elder

I was surprised at myself when I was editing this picture as It was not what I really felt about it. However, I still kept its color like this because as I said, there must be reasons when our heart tries to take its throne.


Screw you

It is just a road, but never a mere road to me.


Don’t you walk, you’re idle bastard

Some people really like this picture. I have the darker version of this pic, and I love it.


What he loves

This is my favorite part of the road because whenever I come across it, I would think about the old Hanoi, fear a bit about how we are changing it, and dream about what we could do to retain its values.


What I love

The two pictures below were taken during the time I was waiting for the bus. Once again, it was a very much precious personal experience.


How I felt

Can you see the space across the road right behind the tree? It is where the elder come every night to dance with their partners ( awesome y-old < young and old> music is played ) and kids run around with their friends. Other activities such as volleyball, soccer, and jogging are welcoming too. This is cool because, at the place where I live, people tend to have slept on their own at this time ( or watch TV ).


How we felt

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