Some corners, and a wish.

I was pondering and wondering and continuing to hesitate over what to write and sporadically assaulted my mind on choosing a topic while not making any further excuses for not putting anything on papers. I also constantly questioned myself about all the changes I had been going through but none of them appeared on my blog lately. Is it true that I no longer care for the changes of trees and leaves falling down when it apparently would soon come to the end of the March? Is it true that I no longer care, that I am turning distant and detached? Lately I recognized me talking on my own – out loud from time to time; at other times it was merely voiced in my head, and there also giggles and humming, seemingly frantic kitchen-performances and astounding songs composed by randomly picking on sentences from my Written Test ( friends also got a free ticket to my not-likely-a-debut singing stage, in which, of course, I carried out my own songs ) . I found it both entertaining and, as for myself, a surprisingly substantial sign of intelligence.

I am quite a funny girl, and I am prone to metamorphosis. I am a frank girl and I was a boldface lier. But trust when I said it is both heavenly and adventitiously downhill when I execute the dishonest side rather than choosing a blatantly obnoxious truth, just to mentally squeaking and specifically twisting your guts.

I love fashions but disguise my own like a 17th-century holier-than-thou wizard. I do have a taste, and I love twinkling, slashy, shiny things. A girl that invents jokes in her mind and fancies diamonds – I am pretty sure that I am enough. Candidly, and genuinely enough.

Of all the things and above all the might, the sun has shone – pristine and crispy.

One of my mates told me: “…don’t worry. The sun will still be there for you to take all those pictures.” It’s true, but maybe, it will never be the same. For me.

For anyone else.

There are some kinds of pressure, and there are some types of lush. There are plural and singular. There are this and that. There is you and there is me.

But if I could have a wish, and if I could have my wish came true. In all possibility, I wish…

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Knock on wood, please!

!5 March.18

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