He was there.

He is sitting there. He looks curious. What is he doing? I don’t know. All I want to do is finishing my paperwork. Study, study, study. Wait, what is the difference between Amphibolite and Diorite?

His straight nose. He has a pretty face. I wonder what colours of his eyes are. What am I thinking?

Do I have to finish all the Review paper for GEO class? I am hungry though.

Maybe just this paper. Done and I will free myself from this place. I will not approach him.

He has a phone call. Who is he talking to? Is that his girlfriend? He is looking this way. Quick. Turn your eyes.

I just want to know his eyes’ colour. Wait, what?

He is collecting his stuff

Is he going to leave?

But what is his eyes’ colour?

How do I look right now?

Maybe I just pretend like I see him when I look up. And smile naturally.

Be confident.

I am going to faint in like 10 minutes if I don’t have sugar right now.

Ok, so what is the plan?

He is on his phone again. I wish he could hear my thoughts. He seems to be pretty busy so far.

He is leaving for sure this time. He is going to leave, officially.

Wait, do something. No, do something. No, don’t do anything. Don’t be crazy.

No, be crazy. Wait, what are you going to say? “Excuse me, can I ask what colour your eyes are?”


Quit it. STOP.

The last two questions and I can be back to my room.  Make sure I won’t miss the Open lab day. Not really confident with rocks.


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