Humans of MSU (Part 1)

Last night I could not sleep

I could not sleep because I was thinking

I was thinking about you.

It is the end of the first semester in college of an 18-year-old girl

who loves to dance and sing

who is eager to find her own ways in life

who loves and hates fervently

who left home four months ago

and now has come back

on this Christmas Day with her family

still she could not sleep

because she was thinking

she was thinking about you

Humans of Missouri State.

To me, Micaela is a very special friend even though we no longer talk (that much) any more as we are both busy with our own schedules. I did not exaggerate when I said I could not imagine my first day in MSU without her. She was more than willing to go the extra miles to help me with all the procedures, she drove me to the malls and helped me prepare for school. She helped me reach out to the right person when I needed an answer. I felt sorry as I could not go to see her more regularly. She is one of those that I own both a “thank you” and an apology.

John and Neosha were my Grandparents here, in Springfield..

I met John and Neosha through a friend. I was eating in the Dining hall by myself and that friend of mine was eating right across me with John and Neosha. I was about to leave when he called my name, so I came and had a sit. As we talked, I was overwhelmed with emotions that I thought I had forgotten. I realized how I missed my family, my grandparents, my mom, my dad,… John taught me the very first American lesson about the False Modesty. “If you are good at something, why try to deny it?” – he said.

This is our RA

Ian is a good RA. He likes talking to people and helping people. He is a role model for anyone wanting to apply for the RA position. Thanks to Ian, I got used to the college life faster and easier.

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