Humans of MSU (Part 2)

My GEP teacher asked us to write a letter to the students coming to MSU next year, so I wrote them these words…

Be kind, be generous, be honest

Kim was my GEP teacher. At the end of every class, I would stay for a while just to talk to her, to tell her about what was going on in my life, which always ended with Kim’s exclamation: Oh, you are so hilarious Linh

Yes. Yes I am

Guess what, I am one of those exceptional weirdos who would tell you that they love every single class they went to on the first semester of College. But if you ask me which one I would miss going to, without hesitation, I would say: Definitely my Geology Lab class.

There I found the pure joy of learning, and I learned while playing. I had two extraordinary instructors. I found minerals and rocks as pretty as diamonds and authentic Switchland chocolate bars. There, someone was willing to help me overcome my fear of maps, who told me “don’t worry, I wasn’t the best at maps; still, I am here teaching you guys”. In my Geology lab class, I know I would never be alone, never have to be afraid to ask about something I don’t know. There, I was excited about every single test and quiz, and I knew that I would do my best, and got a better and better grade every time. There, for the first time, I got 103 out 100 in my Map test. “I would miss you and Derek a lot. Like, a lot.”

“But next semester you would do something bigger, right?”

And there was also my Public Speaking teacher who was so passionate and thoughtful, my CIS teacher who gave me practical advice on the Final project and picking up classes for the next semester, my Geology lecture teacher who reminded me of my beloved High school Math teacher, and Oana -my Math instructor- who I believe should be awarded the Dedication prize for her timely assistance with the Wiley Homework. Believe me, Wiley is as mad as the hatter-it drives you crazy.

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