Humans of MSU (Part 3)

Hi, I am Linh. I come from Vietnam

And that’s how I introduced myself to the new people, who then became friends of mine. Guess what? They are not just friends. They are someone you would cry with, fight with, laugh through several nights, danced with, brought you home with them, did the groceries weekly, and went on a two-day tournament in another state

Friends. Who are we without friends?

Sarah – I could write a 15-page essay about her.

Sarah, if you are reading these words, you should know that I am speechless. I hardly go speechless. But YOU. YOU!

You are so beautiful that I went speechless whenever I looked into your blue eyes. You are so kind that I went speechless whenever I was about to moan like a fat-ass cat. You are so smart that I could never lie in front of you. You are so talented that I subconsciously looked at you as a big sister (sometimes a Mom). I am speechless because I know I would cry like someone’ s going to die if tomorrow you are not here in our dorm room. I went speechless because who else would give me a blanket for Christmas. Only you, because only you know what I really need.

I could have managed myself without you. I could have lived well with another roommate. Eventually, I would find a way out with or without you. But it would not and would never be the same because it was not you.

Can’t believe we even imitated the animals’ sounds in the dark.

“I like me better when I am with you”

What should I say about Lyz? She was the first one dancing with me in our dorm room. She confused me with her spoken words, but never once I doubted her sincerity and caring side. She was the only one who made me worried constantly. She said she was strong, but she went hurting herself occasionally without realizing it, and hurting other people’s feelings without meaning to. She was also the first one who bought me a hot cup of milk. She is truly a beautiful image of the most fragile red rose bearing the sharpest thorns.

A girl like Lyz was the reason why people wrote down that song

I love you, I hate you

Hallie, can I have another dessert?

Hallie is so quiet. I am the noisiest in our suite, Hallie is the most silent one.

But when you need some real advice, or simply when you are so desperate because your crush just told you that he had already had a girlfriend, you go straight to Hallie. At least that was what I did. She would listen to me, and I would ask her how she could manage a long distance relationship as it would be impossible for me to be far away from my loved one. “I would miss him every single day, and I would cry like crazy” – I told her.

Finally, how possibly could a girl like me end up in the same suite with such beautiful girls, inside and outside?

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