Humans of MSU (Part 4)

There are some peculiar occasions that lead you to those peculiar human beings with one-of-a-kind experiences, who would then let you see the colours that you never knew existed.

You would never want to mess with these girls (especially Nina)
Mess with Morgan (but don’t tell her that I told you that)

I met my Frisbee girls without knowing that I would go with them this far.

I received Katie’s email, saying that their frisbee’s practice was going to take place in the band fields. So I asked Sarah and Alyssa: “Let’s go and play frisbee with these girls, it sounds fun” (I still didn’t know what Frisbee was when I said that). So we went together to the band fields. As soon as Sarah saw these girls, she said: Are you sure they are playing for fun? And I was like:

I am sure it is just a practice

Eventually, only I stayed. That’s my first practice with the Frisbee team. Our team names “Bearly Fucking Legal” (by Morgan I suppose). Strangely, I am proud of this name as much as I love my frisbee girls. Since then we always have practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Soon I started developing the habit of doing my homework in the afternoon instead of taking a nap so that I wouldn’t have to skip any practice. (I still skipped some but they were never because of my homework)

To say about these girls, I would describe them as a unique fusion of spraying colours. They were those girls who would genuinely care about each and every member in our team and would support us no matter what, how, and when. When I was with them, I felt belonging. Every tournament with them was a learning experience for me. Our team has extraordinary players, each of them has a different strength.

Morgan and Katie are our captains. Whenever I skipped a practice, I would think about Morgan, start to feel a little bit guilty, then skip a practice. When I needed to ask something about the rules but too afraid to ask Morgan, I would go to Katie. She would never go mad at me, instead, she would explain everything to me. Morgan was a strict mom, Katie on the contrary, was an easy dad.

And there was Peyton!

Peyton is very interesting.

I suggest you go talk to her yourself.

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