Christmas as first time perceived

It’s been a year. I still remember the night I wrote down these words.

Many things have changed since then, except the fact that, I am still that seventeen girl, who hates fervently, and who loves wholeheartedly.

Bellowing Stars

This Christmas I visited my hometown Cathedral that I had never been but always yearned for.

I remembered being driven to school on Mom’s motorbike, waiting every time to come across “the Cathedral of the Alley” ( how I called it myself ) just to say “Hello” to it though never knew exactly what’s happening inside. I sometimes whispered to it, secretly, all the secrets concurrently rambling through my head. And I did speak to it while desperately piling on the belief of having someone from above patiently listen to the subtle susurrations from my heart. Yes, it did become a part of my childhood, but also this part-of-my-childhood I never dared to come.

It has been nearly a year since they finished refurbishing the Cathedral. Before that, it took two and a haft year for them to take down the building, my building, and reconstruct it. My…

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